As a firm specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions, during the buying company process we develop different strategies for each company target. In ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS We specify the search criteria with the customer and that information serves as a starting point to develop possible strategies.

The Purchase Process can be summarized in ten steps:

Memorandum elaboration

The "Memorandum”Is the document on which the purchasing company and its organizational structure are described, as well as its financial situation, customers, competition and market.

Market research

The office is responsible for drawing up a list made up of many candidates. We have an excellent database as well as professional analysts who will be in charge of screening among all those companies that match the profile set by the client.

Company valuation

We consider it one of the most complex and main steps, because of the result of the assessment, will be established the paying price . The price amount is linked to the probability of success or the acquisition failure.

Confidentiality agreement

Candidates who are willing to go through the Purchase Process must formalize a “letterorConfidentiality agreement" also known as (NDA) “Non Disclosure Agreement”.

Letter of intent

We began to schedule meetings with each candidate in order to sign the "Letter of intent” (LOI) “Letter of Intent”, where we set the bases for the formulation of a definitive agreement between the parties and where the main operation lines are specified.

Due Diligence

It consists of a thorough study of the company target, in order to avoid risks and establish a fair transaction price. The "Due Diligence" takes much time, since it involves the analysis of a large amount of information. It will be carried out by expert professionals in each areas.


The dealing tables are formed, where the team in charge will discuss the unresolved issues with the candidate companies, making use of the data from the “Due Diligence”.


The Purchase Agreement”must include the transaction terms and conditions, as well as guarantees and penalties provided in the agreement. The Agreement is signed at closing.

General meeting of shareholders

Once the agreement is closed, it must be submitted to the General Meeting of Shareholders for its approval.. Subsequently, the final agreement will be published and the registration will proceed.