As a specialized firm in saling companies,
offers business buyers, the chance of making available businesses that fit your needs, through the called "purchase mandates".

What is a purchase mandate?

Through the company purchase mandate, the office, as an agent, receives a request from a client to manage the search for companies or businesses that may be the purchase object.

That order is formalized in a contract, which reflects the definition of the demand or request, detailing everything that the applicant will value about the company or business to buy, so, all those parameters, characteristics or aspects that the client is going to require to be fulfilled in order to be considered as purchase company target: sector, company profile, business profile, Geographic area, billing range, range of results, economic-financial situation, estimated investment for the operation, valuation method to calculate the investment price to undertake,…etc.

The terms of the relationship between the applicant and the firm are also reflected in the mandate contract., detailing the fees, the working method, duration or contract term, as well as the scope of the given assignment, which can be a mandate or commission for searching companies and its presentation to the client, or for the provision of more services that the operation requires, and even undertake the entire operation from start to finish.

How do purchase mandates work?

The applicant must define his mandate and the office is the one who will carry out the necessary actions to search for companies with the defined profile that may be potential companies for sale according to the parameters established in the mandate..

To achive it, our team must analyze and explore the market, letting known the demand it has and by formalizing the necessary confidentiality agreements, trying to get access to potential company targets, for the confidential study of the same based on the criteria of the demand and analyze the possible fit according to the mandate.

Once the company has been studied and analyzed, we prepare a report to present it to the client.

Depending on the mandate scope, we can carry out other actions in the development of the operation, how is the economic company valuation, LOI presentation (letter of intent), drafting contracts, conducting a “Due Diligence”, the purchase operation formalization, …etc.

Buyers entrust us finding a business that fit their needs and we reach it!