The funds have 40.000 millions to invest in brick.

* Investment in the first quarter of the year reached 2.400 millions of euros.


Investment funds have 40.000 million euros to allocate to the Spanish real estate market in the short and medium term. This is extracted from the report ‘Investors Survey’ prepared by the consultant Cushman & Wakefield from a survey of more than 200 renowned investors.

This figure confirms the appetite for the Spanish real estate market despite the crisis, which came at a good time for the sector. So, according to C&W investment in the first quarter of the year reached 2.400 millions of euros, which supposes an increase of 33,3% Compared to the same period of the previous year, in which they were transacted 1.800 million in the first three months of the year.

The inertia that the market had in January and March could continue when the crisis is overcome, since more than 51% of investors surveyed say they will not change their investment strategy after the pandemic, he 33% is reconsidering the risk profile and the 16% you are evaluating different asset classes.

What assets are in the focus of capital?

La logística y la vivienda en alquiler stand out in terms of type of asset in which to invest, por encima de cualquier otro segmento. On the other hand, investor appetite for the office and residential sector for the elderly remains stable, without major modifications.

Regarding the forecast of future in the short and medium term, he 63% of investors consider that the market in general will recover its normal activity in the next 18 months. Nevertheless, it appears from the report that, in terms of rental income, activity in the logistics sector returns to normal in a period of between three and six months, frente to other sectors that will have a slower recovery such as the hotel sector until 2021 The 2022.

Source: Expansion.- 09/06/20.