ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS is a firm dedicated to business law, specialized in trading commercial companies and business investment.

Reasons to trust ABB:


We do not conceive the performance of our work without respect for the values ​​that inspire good practice.


The maximum self-demand reigns in our way of working.


We provide high added value advice to companies in any sector.

Atica business brokers



The essential operation of the office is based on the intermediation of ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS in the management of sales or acquisition mandates of companies.

We offer all the tools to carry out the sale of your company successfully, providing comprehensive process management, from the valuation of your business to the closing operation with the buyer.

In the purchasing processes we provide the necessary help, so our client clearly determines their "target”, “ticket" investment, geographical scope and specific interests of the business to be acquired.

Our "alma mater" is to give an excellent service, developing our work with the maximum confidential guarantees, always based on rigour and discretion.

Trust ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS to TRADE- your company or to find partners.
We assure you professional intermediation work with all the guarantees of quality service that our clients deserve.


ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS has a national and international contact network to search for buyers, so we carry out our actions in all sectors and geographical areas.

We serve the needs of each specific company, for this reason we look for any kind of investors, senior partners or minority partners.

It is not always about transmitting the whole company , in many cases we find companies that require a travel partner, either for a boost of your business or because you have a need for funding.

In the economic context in which we find ourselves, to find financing in purchase and sale operations, we have the option to make strategic alliances or mergers between companies.

In ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS we deal with intermediaries and come to an understanging agreements about transactions or exchanges of shares, as well as the drafting of protocols or collaboration agreements, that combine efforts and take advantage of business synergies.


ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS performs voluntary audits prior to the formal start of the sale process of a company since it is essential that the accounting and financial statements are adjusted to accounting regulations. It tries to correct in some cases possible omissions or errors, in order to avoid that subsequent incidents can be generated , and in turn, affect the company valuation phase as well as the negotiation phase of the purchase price.

We have extensive experience in companies valuations using the most appropriate methodology for each specific case..
We make future profit projections as well as calculate goodwills..


Relating to the business valuation service that ATICA BUSINESS BROKERS provides it is necessary to elaborate a “DUE DILIGENCE”. This figure allows us to make a RADIOGRAPHY OF THE COMPANY, specifically of its accounting-financial, tax and employ situation.

We review all the operational and financial documentation of the company, to ensure that there are no anomalies that could jeopardize the operation or generate an eventual contingency and even a trial dispute.