The valuation of a company is a delicate exercise and also crucial in the world of investment.

Calculating the value of a business is not easy, in the same way that it is not easy to determine the economic value of any tangible asset or service.

If we let ourselves be carried away by our intuitive knowledge and framing any economic activity within a market economy, we could conclude that:

Any material asset or any service has the exact value that a hypothetical buyer is willing to pay for it..

There are many elements that must be taken in consideration when pricing a business. An accurate calculation it' s needed if you do not want to lose money. And some valuation methods that we must dominate, both to sell a business and to buy a company already working.

Both for who want to sell their company and for those who want to buy , setting the right price is a complex decision.

The price of a company is determined by its goodwill, reflecting whether the business is viable or not. In any case;

The real value of the company is measured by the skill to generate money it has;

So, evaluating the elements that compose it, you have to do it based on what they bring to the company, don't measure them independently. We talk about:

  • Physical elements: Tangible assets.
  • Human elements: Human capital.
  • Legal elements: Close tax and commercial matters well.
  • Technological elements: Be up-to-date on developments affecting the sector.
  • Business elements: A project is acquired with all that this entails.


Our valuation methods ensure certainty and fairness.

In the Buying and Selling Processes our valuation serves to connect the interests of the seller and the buyer.

We contribute to get a fair price and value of the company.

It is necessary to obtain a figure that helps the objectives and be aware that itself alone is useless, and it´s important to dress it, to know the content it has associated.

We are professionals and experts in valuations.

Our team cares about knowing your business beyond the numbers.