The first thing the entrepreneur must do to start the Sale Process of his business is to develop a "Sales plan”which prudently establishes the calculations about the expected sales in a company for a certain period of time, the most appropriate sales strategy and the advisors hiring to assist you in the process.

The next step consists in maximizing business value to improve the starting price. To achive it, financial statements must be updated and even disposable assets must be disposed of.

You also have to do a company valuation so the seller will have a reference when setting the sale price, which will be determined by the business market value .

It is essential to have:

  • Quality financial statements.
  • Accounting that reflects the faithful image of the company.
  • Strong supplier relationships / client.
  • One and three year sales plans, that minimally cover how to grow, future capital and personnel needs, and a look at the competitive marketplace.
  • Succession plan: Many business owners are so busy with operating and marketing their business that preparing their business for an ultimate sale is neglected.. It is always good to have a succession plan.

A good plan discusses:

  • Sales growth trends and sales portfolio strength.
  • Strong company culture and loyal customer base.
  • Balanced and growing mix of clients.
  • Strength of market position. Are there barriers to competitive entry?
  • Strong brand of products and services.
  • Updated technology with modern systems and work processes.
  • Is there a written business plan?

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